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[CAP] CBC News - Rochefort On The Run; Reconstruction Conference in Zalae
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ABEIS, HAIFA -- A semblance of normalcy and peace has fallen across northeastern Caputia as Operation Cobalt continues to decrease religious sectarian tensions after the massacres led by the Order of Rochefort against followers of the Stripping Path, colloquially called "Strippers," led to the deaths of over 40,000 people.

The Ministry of Defense has reported that violent incidents have dropped dramatically after the capture of the leader of the Order of Rochefort, Lee Grantham, and a series of raids and battles against armed groups succeeded in disarming and arresting many associated with the Order. 

Launched late last year, Operation Cobalt has led to the arrest of hundreds of local leaders and conspirators that organized and conducted mass killings of Strippers around northeast Caputia during what is called "the Reign of Terror."

Her Majesty's Government has confirmed that major sources of funding for the group have evaporated, worsened by a mass freezing of the order's accounts in banks and financial institutions across Caputia. "Operation Cobalt is not just a military operation, it is a coordinated attempt across all branches and agencies of the Caputian Government to put an end to sectarian religious violence and finally bring peace and stability to our country," said Defense Minister Allen Greenstreet. "Caputia and its people need peace and they need it now."

The Government, however, is quick to point out that the Order of Rochefort is by no means fully routed. "We've made significant progress in closing down this group and starting to rebuild and heal communities affected by the violence, but we can't move forward until we capture the remaining combatants and their caches of weapons," clarified the Defense Minister.

While violent incidents have dropped dramatically, the Government has dispatched more personnel drawn from the military and police services to the Haifan and northern San Luis countrysides to flush out nomadic herdsmen associated with the Order of Rochefort who are reportedly terrorizing Strippers in those areas.

A statement released by the Ministry of Defense says that the joint security team has been tasked to “push back the Order of Rochefort from new areas they have occupied, arrest perpetrators of recent acts of violence for prosecution and augment the efforts of Operation Cobalt.”

However, as the violence subsides, the work of reconstruction has begun in many parts of the war-torn country. The city of Tonar, especially hard hit by the religious violence, has finally begun to rebuild and restore property seized from its Stripper residents by mobs and troops of the Order of Rochefort.

The violence, however, has seriously reduced the numbers of followers of the Stripping Path across the country. After the end of the civil war, their numbers were counted to be closer to 45,000. They are now less than 5,800 across the country, with a great deal of them huddled in the safe cities of Lewisburg and Tel-Amin.

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ZALAE, CAPUTIA -- The city of Zalae will host an international conference in February on the reconstruction of Caputia in the aftermath of its civil war and the northeastern religious sectarian conflicts, said the Foreign Ministry.

Donor countries and organizations are expected to begin offering financial contributions and hammer out details with the Caputian Government over their contributions to the reconstruction of the country. Caputia will need at least $100 billion in initial assistance to rebuild homes, businesses and key infrastructure such as transportation, energy, and telecommunications.

Many native Caputian donors and companies have already begun to step up and have asked to be included in the conference as a movement begins to take force across the country based on self-sufficiency, independence and national pride. Caputian emigrees, encouraged by the recent Royal Decree of Graces, have also begun to return to the country, bringing capital and knowledge to forge a new Caputia.

"This is a crucial time for our country and we need to keep pushing forward," said Prime Minister Christophe Landry. "Everyone who wants to take part in a prosperous, sovereign, and strong Caputia is welcome to be part of our efforts."

The Government has yet to announce more details regarding the conference, which they've clarified is in the early planning stages at the Foreign Ministry. "As Caputia takes steps towards a more stable future, the Government is committed to being a leader in reconstruction, stabilization and longer term sustainable development. Our national strategy aims to strengthen concrete support in a wide range of areas, to foster economic growth, good governance and strengthening the judicial system as well as boosting education."

Prime Minister explained that the current focus on delivering continued humanitarian aid to the Caputian people and facilitating the stabilization of areas recently liberated from the Order of Rochefort and the National Provisional Authority has met with moderate success. He's reiterated that more can be done, however, especially with millions of displaced Caputians around the world still unable to return home.

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