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Return of Allen Greenstreet
[Image: jpIgLvr.jpg]

Good afternoon,

It is with happiness and relief that I announce that after intense treatment, the work of my doctors and Our Beloved Saint Melusine, my cancer is in remission.

I could not have fought this battle without the support of my family, my friends, the community that prayed for me and made sure that my family was attended during the most debilitating parts of chemotherapy and treatment.

I stand in front of you all determined still, as ever, to make a difference in public life and return to Parliament.

Thank you all very much.
Allen Greenstreet
MP for Bridgemoor
Leader of the Liberal League
Former Minister of Defense
Good evening,

I wish you a very good return, dear predecessor! I hope you will definitely be cured of your illness!

Thomas de Verrau
Thomas de Verrau

Her Majesty's Minister of Defense

Welcome back, old friend.
George Blakeslee
Foreign Minister of Caputia
Ambassador Plenipotentiary to all Micran Nations

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