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National Salvation Party First Convention - 1659
[Image: 6kI3Y1R.png]



Order of Business of the First Convention
  1. Election of Party Leader
  2. Election of Party Chairman
  3. Creation of Party Panels
    - Constitution Panel;  - Policy Formation Panel;  - Public Relations and Outreach Panel
  4. Election Policies Adoption Vote
For Party Leader, I nominate Mr. Royston Merrick.

For Party Chairman, I nominate Mr. Edward Weatherill.

For the 1650 Election, I advocate for the following policies to be included in the Party's platform:

Legalisation of abortion on request.
Legalisation of trade unions and the right to industrial action.
Creation of a Caputian Television Broadcast to broadcast across all Caputia free of charge.
Creation of a Caputian Health Service that is free of charge at the point of delivery.
Adoption of a progressive income tax rate.
Creation of a Universal Basic Income Scheme.
Legislation of a National Minimum Wage.
Legislation of a Data Privacy Act. 
Adoption of a Anti-Pollution Memorandum.
George Blakeslee, outgoing party leader, seconds the nominations.
George Blakeslee
Foreign Minister of Caputia
Ambassador Plenipotentiary to all Micran Nations
I gratefully accept my nomination.
Royston Merrick the Younger
Director of Operations
ESB-Group Keltia

I want to congratulate the new nominated leadership. They will lead well and make us proud.

As the outgoing Chairman, I wish to submit to the body our copy of the party's foundation documents and platform. This Convention will, of course, decide whether to continue with these, amend them or change them in any way it sees fit.

(04-03-2018, 08:29 PM)George Blakeslee Wrote: Name of political party: The National Salvation Party

Constitution of the political party:
Spoiler Expand
Quote:Constitution of the National Salvation Party

Article 1: Leadership.

A) There shall be a Leader of the National Salvation Party, who shall be the Head of the Party for all purposes in the Government, and the Leader shall be the Party's nominee for Prime Ministr. The Leader shall also be Chair of the National Salvation Party's Executive Committee.
B) There Shall be a Chairman of the National Salvation Party, who shall be the chief coordinator of the party with State and Local Governments, and the elections thereof, and who shall serve as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee.
C) There Shall be a Deputy Leader of the National Salvation Party, who shall act as the  Head of the Parliamentary Caucus and Whip in the Parliament, and shall be responsible for the coordination of Legislation. The Deputy Leader shall have a seat on the Executive Committee, and shall, whenever the National Salvation Party shall hold the Office of Prime Minister, be recommended to the Sovereign to whichever Ministry of Government they shall desire.

Article 2: Executive Committee.

A) The Statutory Members of the Executive Committee are:

-The Party Leader;
-The Party Chairman;
-The Party Deputy Leader.

B) Statutory Members may not be dismissed from the Committee unless they lose their positions through incompetence, resignation, or incapacitation.
C) Additionally, the Party Leader and Party Chairman shall each appoint one Member to the Executive Committee, who shall serve at their leisure.

Article 3: Leadership Primaries.
A) Each Position of Leadership shall, if there are 6 or more members of the party, be elected by way of a round of nominations, lasting 48 Hours, followed by a round of voting, lasting 48 Hours.
B) Each person appearing on the ballot shall require a Nomination and a Second. Persons may nominated themselves, but they may not second a nomination in their name.
C) A Majority of the votes cast is required to win the election, if there shall be more than two nominees and none shall be elected outright in the first round of voting, all except the Top Two Vote earners shall be eliminated and a second 48 Hour Round of Voting shall be held to determine the winner.
D) If there shall be less than 6 members of the Party, the Leadership positions shall be determined by the Seniority, using the following factors as a determinant:

1. Length of Membership in the Party
2. Prior Service as Prime Minister
3. Prior Service as any other Minister
4. Prior Service in the Judiciary
5. Prior Service in the Military
6. Prior Service in any other Government Capacity
7. Post Count
8. Coin Toss

Article 4: Removal of Officers.
A) Any Member of the Party may move to remove any officer from their office, and such motion shall state clearly the particular reasons for the motion to remove the officer, and the motion shall require two seconds.
B) A period of 48 Hours shall then be allotted for a debate of the entire party to discuss the motion, and following this a 48 hour period for voting shall be conducted, those voting Aye vote to remove the officer, those voting nay vote to keep the officer in office.

Article 5: Votes.
Whenever a vote shall be held, the Chairman of the Party shall conduct the vote. If the Chairman shall be a party to the vote, they shall pass the responsibility to the Leader of the Party, and if they too shall be party, the Deputy Leader, and if they too shall be party, another member designated by the Chairman.

Article 6: Local Party Organizations.
Aside from the National Party, there shall be Provincial, Municipal, and City or otherwise Local Party Organizations, each shall have their own Executive Committees, consisting of a chairman and 4 other members, and they shall keep a count of the persons who claim membership in their geographic area, and they shall conduct votes for primaries as set out in Article 3.

Article 7: Candidates for Office.
A) Any Candidate who shall stand for election in the name of the party must be a member of the party, and must affirm that they subscribe to the views of the party.
B) If there shall be more than one candidate for an office, they shall each collect a petition of party members in the geographic area, numbering at least 5% of the total membership for the area, and the Local Party Organizations shall take a vote, listing on the ballot each candidate attaining a petition of 5%. In cases of indirectly elected offices, such as the Ministers, this method shall not apply.

Article 8: Amendments.
This Party Constitution may be amended or replaced by majority vote of the Executive Committee, or by a majority vote at a Party Convention.

Copy of the Political Platform:
Spoiler Expand
Quote:A Promise to the People
The Platform of the National Salvation Party

As times change, our values endure. The National Salvation Party was created to help build this great nation, improve the lives of ordinary Caputians and their families, give everyone a fair deal in society, and support the vulnerable.

As we move forward with our national reconstruction, we still strive to create a fair, prosperous Caputia where everyone has opportunity and nobody is left out. Our core values have been with us throughout our history and the changing fortunes of our nation: opportunity, responsibility, and fairness.

This National Platform explains these values and applies them to our commitments for today and tomorrow. It celebrates our achievements and sets out our vision for Caputia.

Socialist values are Caputian values. Caputia is a society enriched by its diversity. Our history is one of hard work, nation building and innovation, proudly welcoming new generations of migrants, and weaving a resilient social fabric to support Caputians throughout their lives. We are a modern social democratic party which has made Caputia better off, fairer, and more sustainable.

We hold this solemn promise before the people of Alexandria - a National Salvation Government will not falter in its commitment to you.

This platform is Our Promise to the People:


We believe in:
● giving all Caputians the opportunity to achieve their potential and contribute to their community and national life;
● empowering all Caputians to shape their own lives for the better;
● making available the dignity and benefits of work to all those Caputians who can participate;
● providing the best education, from cradle to grave, where background is no barrier to achievement;
● supporting family life and improving living standards and quality of life;
● rewarding the effort of hard work and supporting people to enter, re-enter and progress in the workforce;
● providing access to employment, education, housing, health care, a strong social safety net, information technology, culture and recreation, and legal rights;
● building an economy which provides sustained economic growth and opportunity, decoupled from the growth of emissions and environmental damage.


A Budget Responsibility Pledge
Every policy in this manifesto will be paid for. We will work to ensure that none of our commitments are paid with excessive borrowing. We will get national debt falling and ensure a balanced budget as soon as possible.

The Economy
A National Salvation-led government will build an economy that works for working families, where hard work is rewarded and we all have the opportunity to share in the prosperity of our country. To secure the long-term health of our economy, we will support the creation of high-skill, high-wage jobs that will allow our communities to thrive. Here is how a National Salvation-led government will deliver a strong economic foundation for Caputia:
- Balance the books without extreme spending cuts.
- Cut the national debt.
- Make fair and sensible spending decisions, including capping social security spending so that it is properly controlled and hold audits to cut fraud and waste.
- Increase the Government's top-rate tax, so that those with high incomes contribute a little more to help eliminate the debt and pay for needed investments.
- Institute a financial transaction tax on risky financial speculation and commodity trading.
- Close tax loopholes that cost the public billions of ecus a year, and we will bring in tough penalties for those who abuse the tax system. This will include ending unfair tax breaks and making it harder for tax dodgers to hide their identities.
- Promise not to raise sales taxes (work to lower it whenever possible), nor extend it to food, children’s clothes, books, newspapers or public transport fares. This is the tax that hits pensioners and the poorest hardest.
- Increase the National Minimum Wage to help ensure that those doing a hard day’s work are rewarded for doing so.
- Introduce a fairer deal for renters, including a ceiling on excessive rent rises.
- Make it easier for firms to get the finance they need to grow and create jobs, by establishing a National Investment Bank with a mission to lend money to small- and medium-sized businesses and support a network of regional banks.
- Meet Caputia’s long-term infrastructure needs by setting up an independent National Infrastructure Commission to plan for those needs and hold government to account.

Health Care
A National Salvation-led government will work to establish a new health care system for all Caputians, no matter their income or ability to pay. The Caputian Health Service will provide a comprehensive range of health services, the vast majority of which will be free at the point of use for people who are citizens or legal residents of Caputia. The National Salvation Party will create a better national health service, invest in its future and join up services from home to hospital. Here is how a National Salvation-led government will deliver a better health care to Caputians:
- Tackle long waits and staff shortages in hospitals and clinics, and put patients first.
- Recruit 8,000 more specialists and 8,000 more primary care doctors and 20,000 more nurses so we can provide the care that patients need the most.
- Pay for this much-needed investment through a Mansion Tax on properties worth more than 1 million ecus, tackling tax avoidance.
- Guarantee a primary care doctor (PCD) appointment within 48 hours, and on the same day for those who need it, to end the scandal of patients having to wait days, even weeks, for a PCD appointment.
- Guarantee that patients wait no longer than one week for vital cancer tests and results. We will also create a Cancer Treatments Fund so patients have access to the latest drugs, surgery and radiotherapy.

Living Standards
We will raise living standards for working families by making sure hard work is rewarded, giving more support to working parents and ending rip-off prices on energy, transport and renting. Here is how a National Salvation-led government will improve and better living standards for Caputians:
- Rail and public transport fares will be frozen to help commuters while we implement reforms. A strict cap will be introduced on every route for any future fare rises and a new legal right for passengers will be created to access the cheapest ticket for their journey.
- Establish free childcare for 25 hours per week for parents of three- and four-year-olds, paid for with a financial transaction tax on risky financial transactions.
- Introduce a legal guarantee of access to wraparound childcare for parents of primary school children. Childcare will run from 8am to 6pm and be provided by the local primary school.
- Establish paid paternity leave for both mothers and fathers, up to 30 weeks a year, and establish a paternity bonus for a parent that has chosen to continue to work while their spouse are enjoying paternity leave for the first 12 weeks.

Young People
We want the next generation to have greater opportunities than the last, but for the first time in living memory, this is at risk. A National Salvation-led government will make sure there are opportunities for all our young people by raising school standards, transforming vocational education and guaranteeing an apprenticeship for every young person that gets the grades. Here’s how a National Salvation-led Government will make sure there is opportunity for all young people:
- Prioritize an education system that works for all children and young people.
- Raise teaching standards by requiring every teacher to become qualified and continue to update their skills and knowledge.
- Boost funding to higher education, paid for by restricting tax relief for the highest earners, clamping down on tax avoidance, and cutting waste and fraud from colleges and universities.
- We will guarantee a job to all people ages 17-28 who have been out of work for a year in the reconstruction of the country through a national labor program called the National Citizen's Service.

Safer Communities
We can only live happy and fulfilled lives if we know that we are safe. We believe the best way to keep communities safe is with policing rooted in local communities, by proactively preventing crime — rather than simply reacting to emergencies — and by putting victims at the heart of the criminal justice system. Here’s how a National Salvation-led Government will achieve this:
- Promote and boost neighborhood policing, mandate police forces to work closer together to safeguard police officers.
- Strengthen local accountability, giving local people a say over the appointment of local police commanders as well as a role in setting priorities for neighborhood policing.
- Raise police standards, requiring all police officers to become ’Chartered Officers’ holding a registration with a new National College of Policing, and being able to be struck off in cases of serious misconduct – just as lawyers and doctors can be.
- Reevaluate our national drug policy and consider legalization of drugs case by case, and instead treat drug addiction as a health concern. Institute high taxes, tough enforcement and aggressive collection of income from drug sales, and use it to boost public health programs and community policing.

Better Politics
We will reform government to give more power to people. Too many people feel like Caputia doesn't work for them and too many no longer believe that politics can answer their problems. We think differently. We believe politics can change lives for the better and it’s our job to restore others' faith in politics. We will devolve more power and decision-making. Here’s how a National Salvation-led Government will achieve this:
- Encourage young people’s volunteering and social action by creating a National Citizens Service where students and young adults will be able to volunteer for college credit and added college funding, or for a state stipend that covers room, board, and other expenses.
- Reform the legislative process to strengthen the public’s voice and to better hold the Government to account.
- Increase accountability and transparency by publishing all public expenditures in an easy way to read, including salaries of public elected officials and other important information.

List of Legislation:
Members of the Political Party:
  • Party Leader: George Blakeslee
  • Royston Merrick
George Blakeslee
Foreign Minister of Caputia
Ambassador Plenipotentiary to all Micran Nations
(04-15-2018, 08:31 PM)George Blakeslee Wrote: We hold this solemn promise before the people of Alexandria - a National Salvation Government will not falter in its commitment to you. 

Well, I suppose that's one amendment required right there.  Angel
Royston Merrick the Younger
Director of Operations
ESB-Group Keltia
OOC: That face you make when you try to pass off your own past work as new work and fail... heh.

Spoiler Expand
[Image: hLHBzff.jpg]
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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