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[CBC] Caputian News Briefs - 11.15.17

[NEW KIRRIE] -- George Blakeslee will be named Foreign Minister of Caputia and Her Majesty's Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Micran Nations. Mr. Blakeslee was a former General in the Ravaillac Loyalist Army, and served as a representative of Her Majesty before her accession in Geneva and Shirekeep. His first visits shall be to Craitland and Shireroth.


[ZALAE] -- The Constitutional Convention in Zalae unveiled the first draft of its proposed Constitution of the Kingdom. It radically restructures many parts of the Kingdom that were wiped out completely by the civil war, the Alexandrian flu, and other ravaging diseases. The first draft was put together with heavy consultation from all parties and former warring factions, however, it does not mean it will not see debate and amending. One main point of contention: the location of the capital, and its move to Zalae after the near total destruction of New Kirrie during the civil war. Her Majesty the Queen is currently at New Kirrie, surveying the damage and making arrangements for the move to Zalae.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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