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[CBC] Caputian Constitutional & Monarchy Referendums, 2017
[Image: M3LLwNh.png]

[Image: 1UyX5CZ.png]

ZALAE, CAPUTIA -- Queen Elizabeth I has achieved a stunning victory in a historic referendum to ratify the latest draft of the constitution approved by the Constitutional Convention and to confirm Her Majesty on the Caputian throne.

The two part referendum asked voters to first indicate their approval or disapproval of the current Constitution, while a second question asked voters to confirm Regina Ravaillac, now known as Queen Elizabeth I, as their choice for Queen.

Ignace Lorenz, the head of Caputia's National Electoral Board, confirmed the passage of the referendum last night, based on unofficial results.

On the first question, the yes campaign won 8.3 million more votes than the no campaign, with only about 100,000 votes still to be counted, Lorenz told reporters in Zalae, meaning that the Constitution had been ratified.

On the second question, the yes campaign won an overwhelming 9.2 million more votes than the no campaign, meaning that Queen Elizabeth I is the confirmed choice of the Caputian people.

The result of the referendum sets the stage to transform the country into a monarchy centered around its new capital of Zalae, with significant powers to continue to build the country's government and institutions from the ashes of an incredibly destructive civil war.

The National Electoral Board reported that the turnout has set a historic record of 90% of registered voters. Voter rolls were composed thanks to records and information from the Hammish Humanitarian Council, the defunct National Provisional Authority and an aggressive voter registration campaign throughout the country.

[Image: teODihA.png]
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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