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DEFENSE OFFICE| Notices, Announcements and Press Releases
[Image: gX2L7le.png]

This thread contains all of the official notices, announcements and press releases from the Defense Office of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia.
Allen Greenstreet
Her Majesty's Minister of Defense
[Image: Gnyq9Sl.png]

Zalae, Caputia

STATEMENT - Full Mobilization of the Armed Forces of Caputia

ZALAE -- Soon after Her Majesty the Queen signed the decree creating the new Armed Forces of Caputia, Minister of Defense Allen Greenstreet ordered a full mobilization of the Armed Forces of Caputia, presenting that "a new nation needs an activated military to ensure order in today's challenges."

The Armed Forces of Caputia currently counts with the inherited units, bases and equipment from the National Provisional Authority, the Queen's Grand Army of Liberation and Unity, the Hammish Republican Army and the National Salvation Front. While the armed forces get itself organized and staff, the Government is dealing directly with these groups and trying to marry old foes into a single cohesive national military.

The activation of the armed forces also comes as instability in neighboring Treisenberg begins to flare up and a massive volcanic eruption destabilizes a Keltian country, the Kingdom of Brittania.

The Government will provide more details about deployments and military development in due course.
Allen Greenstreet
Her Majesty's Minister of Defense
[Image: Gnyq9Sl.png]

Zalae, Caputia

STATEMENT - Operation Cobalt: Capture of Lee Grantham.

ZALAE -- From the start of my appointment to the Defense Office, the Prime Minister and I have placed the highest priority in protecting our citizens from the violence and the hate of those who seek to curtail the rights of our citizens to worship freely. In line with this, we have pursued an intensified, targeted, and national effort to degrade and defeat the Order of Rochefort. Included in this effort has been a relentless set of steps that we’ve taken to locate and bring members of the Order of Rochefort, especially its leader, Lee Grantham, to justice.  Since the start of the religious persecution of followers of the Stripping Path, the Prime Minister formally instructed the intelligence community and his counterterrorism advisors to make the pursuit of Lee Grantham, as the leader of the Order of Rochefort, as a top priority.

The Prime Minister ordered a raid earlier today against a known Order of Rochefort compound outside of the city of Tonar.  Based on intelligence collection analysis, a small team of Caputian troops found Lee Grantham living in a large home on a secured compound nestled among thick vegetation. The raid accomplished its objective. Lee Grantham is now no longer a threat to the people of Caputia. He was killed in a raid, as he met with several commanders of the Order, plotting a new offensive in their atrocious campaign of hate.

This remarkable achievement could not have happened without persistent effort and careful planning over many years.  Our national security professionals did a superb job. They deserve tremendous credit for serving justice.

Lee Grantham was the leader of a violent extremist movement that had taken up arms against the Queen and her people.

Tonight, we are confident that victory for the people and justice for those Caputians who have been victims of a vicious campaign driven by hate and prejudice will come.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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